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August 10, 2008



Those are fabulous. I'd frame them. I love the one with the eyes and the butterflies the most.

DuneTiger - Formerly Redwolf

Hi, Mamzelle. I dig what you've done here. Your collages are very colorful.

That being said, a spark of inspiration hit me and I searched for you because I remember being a member of a lil' ol place known as the TrapLine. You were always good to me there and I'm glad to see you haven't gone underground. ;) I know that's stretching quite a way back in history, but I just wanted to tell you that I have absolutely fond memories of that place. Keep plugging away!

DuneTiger - Formerly Redwolf

never mind. think i got the wrong person. haha


Amazing! Imagine having a mom doing that each day for you!?! I think they are soooo cool and well done!


Totally fabulous letters!

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